Wellness Plan Packages


Preventative Care

Prevention is key to better health for animals of any age. For young animals, it can help set the foundation for a lifetime of good health. It also is essential for detecting diseases early on in older pets, and can help to ensure a longer quality of life.


Our Goal

Our main goal in offering comprehensive wellness plans is to help keep your pets healthy all while keeping cost in mind. We understand the challenges involved with your pets' healthcare expenses. As a result, we developed our plans to save you money on the total cost of recommended preventative care and offer the convenience of budget friendly monthly payments. 


For Both Cats and Dogs

Each of our plans are customized for your pet's current stage in life, whether your pet is a kitten or a senior dog. All plans include the ideal care for each animal within a year's time. We also offer optional services such as microchips, preventative dental procedures, and spays and neuters for the puppies and kittens. These services can also be included in the monthly payments.