Top 5 Thanksgiving Pet Emergencies

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones, feel gratitude for life’s ups and downs, and—most important—overindulge in a feast fit for royalty. Many of us consider our pets family and include them in holiday festivities, but holiday foods, plants, decorations, and travel can pose hazards to your pet, and they may require emergency [...]

4 Pet-Friendly Tips For a Spooky But Safe Halloween

While you likely enjoy the hustle and bustle of Halloween festivities, the costumes, and the candy, consider this spooky holiday from your pet’s perspective. Halloween can be stressful for pets, which can lead to a scary emergency. Our Companion Veterinary Clinic team shares four tips for taking the fright out of your pet's Halloween night.  [...]

5 Tips To Prevent Puppy Behavior Problems

Welcoming a puppy to your family is a fun, new adventure, but the experience can also be challenging. Puppies are adorable, squishy fluff balls, but they are also adult dogs in training. Your puppy looks to you for guidance and boundaries, and from day one, you must begin training and socializing them. Of course, no [...]

5 Keys to Everlasting Love—Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

If pet lovers worldwide could have one wish, they would all wish their pets could live longer. No matter how long and healthy our pet’s life span, we can never be satisfied. And while we can’t stop time, we can extend our pet’s life—in quality and quantity—by taking a preventive care approach to their mental [...]

In Sickness and Health—Your Pet’s Blood Work

Blood work is a powerful diagnostic tool for understanding your pet’s internal health. But, when you receive your pet’s results, you probably have more questions than answers—namely, what do they all mean? Companion Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to empowering and educating pet owners—that’s why your pet’s veterinarian will contact you directly to discuss any significant [...]

Red Alert: All Hands On Deck to Prevent Pet Heat Stress

Companion Veterinary Clinic wants you and your pets to be prepared for the red-hot weather this summer. Whether you are trekking to the stars or to the backyard, your entire crew should be on red alert to recognize, manage, and prevent pet heat risks. Monitor the National Weather Service’s heat red alerts to protect your [...]

5 Tips to Help Your Pet with Back-To-School Blues

Many parents rejoice at the return of the fall season, but their children, especially those with four legs, will likely experience those dreaded back-to-school blues. Store shelves filled with school supplies mean that summer vacations and days lounging with family and friends have come to an end. The transition from leisurely days to scheduled school [...]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for a Safe July Fourth

Store shelves filled with star-spangled decorations and your favorite summer snacks signal that July Fourth is right around the corner. However, the same way you prepare for family gatherings, you must prepare your pet for summer celebration blasts and unforeseen hazards.  Many pet owners dread the July Fourth holiday because they want to protect their [...]

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