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DO’s and DON’Ts to Support Your Senior Pet

Unfortunately, your pet can’t live forever, but you can take steps to support your four-legged friend as they reach their golden years. Our Companion Veterinary Clinic team knows you want to reward your furry pal for their many years of love and loyalty, and we provide do’s and don’ts to support your senior pet.  DO [...]

Obesity: An Olympic-Sized Pet Problem

Could your pet be an Olympian? They may win the gold for Olympic events such as the 100-meter couch waddle, competitive snacking, and synchronized napping. However, if your dog or cat is more likely to win a snore-a-thon than a marathon, you need to think about pet obesity’s serious issues. Obesity is a growing epidemic [...]

Changes in Your Pet’s Eating and Drinking Habits

Is your dog less than enthusiastic when you rattle their food container? Has your cat suddenly started drinking copious amounts of water? Changes in your pet’s eating or drinking habits can indicate a medical problem. Our Companion Veterinary Clinic team explains what these changes might mean and encourages you to be vigilant about any of [...]

Don’t Take the Bait: Understanding Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets

Rodenticides (i.e., rat poisons) provide a potentially efficient means when trying to control rodent populations. However, these poisons are created to attract and kill any animal that ingests them, making these chemicals extremely dangerous to curious pets. Rodenticides are widely used, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison [...]

Sun’s Out, Tongues Out! Heat Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The heat is on here in sunny California, and that means an increased risk for pets for heat-related emergencies. Unlike people, pets can’t check the weather report, dress in shorts instead of pants, or sweat to keep themselves cool. They need their loving owners to make smart choices about their daily activities and care. Protect [...]

From Chaos to Calm—Help Your Pet Cope with Noise Aversion

Noise aversion (i.e., anxiety or phobia) is a common but often overlooked condition in dogs and cats. Affected pets can experience mild to extreme stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact their quality of life, strain the pet-owner bond, and result in harmful or destructive behavior.  If your pet is unusually frightened by specific noises, [...]

Itchy Pet FAQs

Itchy skin is one of the most common reasons pet owners seek veterinary care for their four-legged friends. Itchiness can cause an affected pet significant problems. Our Companion Veterinary Clinic team sees numerous itchy dogs and cats every day, and we answer your frequently asked questions about this condition. Question: What causes itchiness in pets? [...]

Heartworm Disease in Pets

Heartworm disease is one of the most dangerous illnesses a pet can face. Transmitted by mosquitoes, these parasites can cause significant, life-threatening damage to your pet’s heart and lungs, and prevention is essential to keeping your pet safe. Our Companion Veterinary Clinic team explains how heartworm affects pets, infection signs, diagnosis, treatment, and—most importantly—how to [...]

Protect Your Pet from Common Pet Toxins

As pet owners, we’ve all experienced that awful stomach-dropping feeling you get when you step inside the house after a long day at work and see the telltale signs that your pet has been busy eating something they shouldn’t have while you were away. Your pet is either nowhere to be found—probably hiding under the [...]

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